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Integrative therapy is when many different therapeutic techniques are used to address the goals of the patient and their family. Here at ISS, we draw from a wide range of experiences and knowledge to look at the child as a whole. 


Our therapists are specially trained to provide speech and language therapy in a holistic manner.  All therapists are nationally certified by ASHA and state licensed.  Most insurance and types of payment are accepted.

Speech &
Language Therapy
Family Resources

If needed, we can provide you with a therapist that is dually certified in Speech Language Pathology and Early Childhood Special Education to address your developmental concerns in the areas of cognition, motor skills, adaptive skills, and social interactions.

Our therapists have worked with many professionals in Charleston and can assist you when you need to collaborate with your child's medical and educational providers.  This site will also provide up to date research regarding developmental delays and upcoming community events for children with special needs.

Developmental Skill Development
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